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Chinese Baptist Church in Honolulu, Hawaii
Position Open: Full time Chinese Pastor


* In full agreement with and practice of the Southern Baptist Faith and Message 2000
* An evangelical with a Master of Divinity degree or equivalent from an accredited Seminary
* Married with legal permanent resident status
* Knowledgeable of both Chinese and North American culture
* An ordained pastor with experience in leading churches in North America for more than 2 years, preferably as senior pastor
* Able to preach in Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) and have English communication skills.
* Passionate about developing ministries to children, youth, adults and seniors.
* Has a burden for evangelism, shepherding, teaching, training, and caring.

Please send resume to: cbch@chinesebc.org

Contact person: Meilin Yeh, Pastoral Search Committee

Chinese Baptist Church
1047 21st Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii 96816
Attn: Meilin Yeh, Pastoral Search Committee

• 认同美南浸信会信仰
• 福音派道学硕士,已婚,有合法留美身份
• 中文(国语或粤语)讲道,英语沟通
• 积极推动儿童发展事工及年长者关怀事工
• 北美华人教会牧会两年以上经验的按立牧师(最好有主牧经验)
• 熟悉华人及北美文化
• 对传福音、牧养、教导、栽培、关怀有负担
如愿担任职位,请提交简历到: cbch@chinesebc.org
Chinese Baptist Church
1047 21st Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii 90816
Attn: Meilian Yeh, Pastoral Search Committee

檀島浸信會 Chinese Baptist Church of Honolulu
1047 21st Ave., Honolulu, HI 96816
電話: 808-734-3483 電郵: cbch@chinesebc.org 網頁: www.chinesebc.org
聯絡人: 蔡周婉華師母 Coordinator: Mrs. Yuen Wah Choy